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How do I access the library resources from home or from my personal device?

Current students and faculty of AMEDDC&S can call the library (210-221-6900), email or fill out the form here for an EZ Proxy password for remote access. The password will be deactivated after graduation.

How do I find medical books and journals after I graduate from AMEDDC&S?

The library resources are restricted to current students and faculty of AMEDDC&S. However, the Army Virtual Library will be available to you from anywhere in the world. You can find it at  The AVL offers databases such as Clinical Key and DOSS as well as point-of-care tools, CME and medical mobile apps.

Can I fax from Stimson Library?

Yes, you can fax to a DSN, local or toll-free number at the library. Other places to fax on post include the Campbell (post) Library, UPS and the Military Family and Readiness Center. Stimson Library does not charge but the other facilities have a small fee.

Is it possible to print an entire E-book?

Usually this is against our license agreements. Depending on the vendor you can usually print up to 50 pages.

Where can I access wireless?

Stimson library has wireless for government laptops only. Ask for the password at the reference desk. You can find commercial wireless at the USO and the Military Family and Readiness Center.

How can I find information on the Battle of _____?

Start with our research guide under the Captains Career Course. You will find lists of print and ebooks, search tips and    journals to help you. There is a research guide for every class, with required textbooks and links to other resources.

How do I get Endnote installed on my government computer?

EndNote is installed by the AMEDDC&S IT. You must contact our local IT department and open a ticket.

How do I reserve a study room?

 You can reserve one of our study rooms by calling the library (210-221-6900) or using the Outlook calendar. Click on "rooms" and then choose Bldg 2840.

Will the library renew my book?

Yes, just call us at 210-221-6900 and we'll extend you for another two weeks, if no one else has requested it.

How do I find information on how to cite in Turabian/ APA / MLA / Chicago?

We have a research guide here that will answer all your questions about writing, citing and plagiarism.

I can't access Outlook on this PC. How do I get to the DOD mobile webmail (the web-based email)?

The library has written aids for accessing the enterprise web mail. Ask any staff member

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