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Tests and Measurements: Databases/Journals/Reference

Find information about tests and measurements in the social sciences, including resources available by subscription at Stimson Library and freely available online.

Commercial/Published Tests

Commercial/Published/Standardized tests are instruments that have been published by a test publisher for a fee and typically are accessible only to qualified/certified professionals.  You wlll seldom, if every fin these instruments in the public domain. These instruments are administered and scored in a consistent, or "standard" manner.  The validity and reliability of the tests have been determined and are essential elements in determining the quality of the instrument. 

Noncommercial/Unpublishes Tests

Noncommercial/Unpublished Tests are unpublished and therefore not sold through a publisher and sometimes are available in journal articles, dissertations of other types of research-based literature, or online. Unpublished tests, though free, are usually copyrighted and require formal permission for use.  Therefore, the user of these tests needs to secure the right to use the tests from either the test author or the publisher who holds the copyright.

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Recommended Databases for finding reviews of tests.

Recommended Reference Books for finding reviews of tests.

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