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Stimson Library Policies

Stimson Library Policies

Food and Drinks in the library
Take special care with food and drink around library computers. Sandwiches and meals that require utensils to eat are allowed at tables or study carrels only. Handheld snacks (fruit, chips, cookies, etc) are allowed anywhere else EXCEPT in Archives and Special Collections. Drinks are permitted in covered containers only—containers that can be re-closed (screw top) or in other spill resistant containers (e.g., travel mugs, sports bottles, or water bottles). Please make sure you leave your area clean. Discard all trash in the receptacles provided. If trash receptacles are full, please discard your trash in a restroom trash receptacle. Please leave library furnishings and resources in the same condition as you found them. Wipe up spills----ask library staff for paper towels. Report any spills or trash to library staff as soon as possible. Be respectful of your fellow students and leave your study area clean for the next person. Thank you for doing your part to keep our library clean and well-maintained! The library doesn’t have a microwave available for student use.

Alcohol and Drugs in the library
Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed in the library. Anyone found under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the library and may face further disciplinary actions.

Animals in the library
The only animals allowed in the library are those trained to assist persons with disabilities, as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice, ADA Requirements for Service Animals.

Children in the library
Children must be under the supervision of a parent or designated adult at all times, including the computer lab. Library collections support the mission of MEDCOE and materials are not appropriate for use by children.

Noise in the library
Because of its focus on collaborative workspaces, there are no designated quiet study areas on the library’s main level. The library’s main level can also become very busy with student and staff interactions at the circulation desk, reference desk and student computers. Normal conversation levels should be expected. The library’s lower level has been designated as quiet study space. When on the library’s lower level, we ask that you keep noise levels low to avoid disturbing those who are studying. When using lower level study rooms, please close the door to minimize noise. Mute the speakers on your laptop and other electronic devices. On both the main and lower levels of the library, please keep headphone volume low. Headphones available for check-out at the library circulation desk. You may use your cell phone when on the library’s main level, but please limit your conversation. Please take any longer phone conversations outside the library. Do not use your cell phone in “speaker” mode and keep the volume of your voice low to avoid disturbing others in the library. Please be respectful of others' need for quiet by not talking on your phone when on the library lower level. If you talk or make noise in a quiet study space, you may be asked to move to another area. Video chat is not permitted unless in a study room.

Study Rooms
Library users may reserve a room by calling the library circulation desk (210-221-6900), by emailing the library circulation desk or by going to our room reservation platform. Click Here to reserve a room If you don’t receive an email confirmation for your reservation, Check your junk mail folder. If you still don't see a confirmation email message, call, or email us to verify or cancel your reservation. Anyone eligible to use Stimson Library may reserve a study room. Rooms may be reserved for up to 4 hours at a time. Rooms may be reserved for up to 1-month in advance. If you do not take occupancy of the room within the first 15 minutes of your reservation start time, your reservation is forfeited and the room will be available to anyone. If you are in a group study room and you have not reserved it, you may be asked to leave. Avoid this situation by making sure you reserve your room first! “Day-of” reservations may be made at the library circulation desk. Placing backpacks or books in the room does not hold the room for you. Dry erase markers and erasers are available in the study rooms. Each study room has a 60 inch monitor with monitor cords to connect to your laptop. The monitors are not connected to the network and are not wireless. Remote controls for monitors are available for check-out at the library circulation desk. If you no-show for 3 or more reservations, your remaining reservations will be cancelled and the room will become available for others. If you no longer need a room reservation, please be courteous to others and cancel your reservation. If you don’t receive an email confirmation for your reservation, Check your junk mail folder. If you still don't see a confirmation email message, call or email us to verify or cancel your reservation. Additional study areas with whiteboards are available for group collaboration on the library main level.

Library Computers, Copiers & Printers
Computers are available primarily for the use of MEDCOE and METC personnel for official business. Stimson Library has two copiers/printers on the main level and one on the lower level. The default is to print two-sided. There is no charge for printing, but if you are printing a large number of pages, please bring your own paper. Color printing is available. Five computers have document scanners. Please be courteous and don’t use these printers unless you are scanning documents or if there are no other computers available. If you are using a computer with a scanner, but aren’t scanning, and others are waiting to scan, you may be asked to move to another computer. Before using any library computers, please sign-in using the computer sign-in sheets. When you have finished using the computer, please wipe-down the computer with a sani-wipe and then sign-out using the sign-in sheet. Be sure to delete any files you may have downloaded onto the computer and sign-out of any of your personal accounts (gmail, yahoo, A365, etc.) Please do not restart the computer or sign-out of the student account unless asked to do so by library staff.

Library Dress Code
Uniforms are not required.

Lost and Found Items in the Library
Never leave any belongings unattended in the library, as you are solely responsible for your personal belongings. Personal items left in the library will be held at the library circulation desk and disposed of after 1 week. Forgotten CAC cards will be turned in to the G2 office in Bldg 2840, Room 101.

Who is Eligible to Use Stimson Library
In addition to all personnel (students, faculty & staff) assigned to MEDCOE and METC, all military, military reserves, civilian and contract civilian personnel assigned to MEDCOE, METC, BAMC and ISR are eligible to check-out books from Stimson Library and use library computers. The general public, personnel assigned to other installations, military family members and retired military personnel with no official affiliation to MEDCOE or METC are ineligible for library services and may not check-out books.

Who is Eligible to Access Online Resources
Stimson Library provides online resources to the student, faculty and staff of US Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCOE) and Medical Education Training Campus (METC.) Publisher license agreements prohibit us from providing access to anyone who is not assigned to one of these two organizations. Violation of the terms of license agreements could result in cancellation of the service for the entire school. Military clinical personnel with access to Fort Sam Houston may visit Stimson Library in person to access some of the same online research materials via guest computers in the library. Sharing usernames and passwords with non-authorized users is not allowed.

Checking Out Books
Loan periods for personnel assigned to MEDCOE or METC is 2-weeks. Renewal of items is allowed unless the item has been placed on “hold” by another borrower. Subject to approval, faculty may request check-out periods up to 6-months. Library users may request to put a “hold” on items that are checked out, and they will be notified when the item is returned. Borrowing of materials from Stimson Library’s archives and special collections is not allowed. Borrowers who lose or damage books are responsible for replacing the lost or damaged item with the same or newer edition, in “very good” to new condition. Stimson Library does not charge fines for overdue items. Please be courteous to others and return items on-time.

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary loan (ILL) services are available for MEDCOE and METC personnel who may need books or articles not available from Stimson Library. Delivery times for interlibrary loan items are unique to each item and will be advised on an individual basis. Delivery of physical materials often takes 7-14 days, while electronic articles are often delivered within 1-2 days of the request. Requests for interlibrary loan can be placed on the library website. Click here to request an interlibrary loan.


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